Hook-up Life In College

In the early 1900’s, around 1950 to be specific the median age to marry was just about 20-years-old for women and about 24-years-old for men. Now, in the 2000’s the average age of first marriage has raised to 27 for women and 29 for men.


This just goes to show that technology and other factors that weren’t prominent in the middle 1900’s have become paramount to the dying relationship era. This short piece will discuss briefly the male and female perspective of dating while in college, how social media has affected and continues to affect the classical college dating culture and finally it’ll finish with talks about where to go if you are actively looking to date someone and also how you can approach someone that you find attractive. These topics are also discussed in the audio links located at the bottom of this page. The audio links are recordings done at WFNP studios located at the SUB Building on the Suny New Paltz campus in Ulster County, New York. These topics can also be found in extreme depth with examples and interviews in the feature article “Hookup Culture” written by Alexa Janosek.

In the radio broadcast the first topic of conversation is about how the male and female perspective of the college dating life is very different. Men and Women age differently and as a result need different things at various points in their lives.  Men in their early 20’s aren’t looking to be in a serious relationships which often causes confusion between men and the women involved.


In the second sound clip the discussion is on how social media has affected and will continue to affect the dating life in college as well as marriages. The stigma that was once associated with online dating is beginning to fade and naturally as it does the amount of people (male and female) that uses online sites as a source increases.

Based on research done by the Pew research center the percentage of adults who think online dating is a good way to meet people has risen 15% since 2005.

One of the most popular dating sites since 2014 has been Tinder. Tinder is a matching mobile dating app where you swipe left or right on a person of interest profile. If you both swipe right then you are allowed to message them. Tinder has had over 100 million downloads since its launch date of September, 2012. Out of the 10 million daily users, 79% are millennial and only 54% classify themselves as single.  Based on these statistic we can easily come to the conclusion that dating site such as Tinder can create an issue among the college dating life. These sites are creating a platform for both men and women to continue searching for something better than what they already have.

FT_16.02.29_onlineDating_attitudes (1)

In the final sound clip the discussion is about where to meet the right person if you are actively looking. There are millions of YouTube videos on this topic as well as millions of seminars about the law of attraction.  The one

thing that those seminars fail to tell you is that no amount of money can help you become, feel and actually be more attractive unless you yourself are fully devoted. After learning all the tactics and methods of being more attractive if you don’t believe it yourself, you will see no progress. If you want to be more attractive you have to tell yourself and believe it.

Audio Clips

MIC Break #1: Male and Female 

MIC Break #2: Social Media 

MIC Break #3: Finding the right person 

Full Show: Hosted by John Robertson 

Radio Show Script

Radio Show Script


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